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Evolis - Core Card Printer

Evolis - Core Card Printer

  • Evolis - Core Card Printer
  • Evolis - Core Card Printer
  • Evolis - Core Card Printer
  • Beautiful Design
  • Premium Quality
  • Elegant Look
  • Long Life

A unique system for extremely secured cards.The ultimate system for card cryptography, printing, laser engraving and secured lamination, in an exceedingly single pass. It supports premium quality in card printing. It is recognized for quality and reliability in printing. . It reduces the time involved in the process of card printing on the whole.It is eco friendly in its operations Evolis - Core Card Printer unambiguously positions itself to support the delivery of card-based identification documents, with color image and laser engraving that provide security within the long-term. It is one of the High-end printer that is easy-to-use, flexible and fast.


PARTHU ID SOLUTIONS is one of the leading manufacturers of ID cards, its accessories and equipment with an industrial experience of 23 years. Sophisticated machinery and advanced technology together make us stand out of the queue and meet the client’s requirement. We are renowned ID card makers and manufacturers irrespective of the industry. We provide an array of classy and customized products to choose from. You can easily grab hands on the most desired and selective products based on your need.

We consistently upgrade the technologies that we provide and follow. To be one of the prominent ID card makers in the market by delivering products with trust is our goal.

We are the leading ID card makers of Premium and Executive cards, RFID Tags, Smart Cards, Lanyards and etc. Superior and high-quality materials are used in manufacturing the ID cards to meet the industry standards and build the faith of the customers. We are accomplished with various printing machines along with ID card printer, PVC card printer and etc.

Transparency, compassion, customization are the three blocks of our success. We are well focused on the loyalty programs to establish a beneficiary bond with our customers. The robust design and excellent quality of our products enable us to stand as one of the leading competitors in the global market of ID card makers.

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