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Parthu ID Solutions is founded by the Director Mr Partha Sarathi Kalangi. He has started his first business under the name of PARTHU in 1991. In his lifetime he has managed multiple business in Printing, Manufacturing & Medical. Parthu ID Solutions started in the year of 2003 since then its been a roller coaster ride to every employee of the company. From being a Supplier of ID Cards to becoming a manufacturer of ID, PVC & Machinery’s we have enabled the Indian ID market and now stands in the top position in the making and delivery of ID products in the country.

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Our are specialized in the digital printing since 25 years. In the span of last 25 years we have been increasing the infrastructure and the expertise in the field of PVC Cards production, Digital Printing, PVC Printing, ID Holders Manufacturing & Plastic production dies. Technological evolution is very important to any company like wise in the segment of ID RFID has become a new trend. To provide solutions in the segment of RFID we have started developing products and solutions in RFID for attendance and access management.

PVC Card Production

We are India's one of the biggest PVC Card Manufacturing company

ID Card Manufacturers

We produce India's top quality ID Card Holders and accessories

Sublimation Products

We have biggest unit for the products of sublimation multi colored lanyards

IT Services

We provide IT solutions to schools, Event Companies & Corporate companies for ID Management

What we can do?

ID Holders Manufacturing, Sublimation Lanyards Production, ID Data Management Solutions, Variable File Generation, ID Designing, IT Solutions for Attendance & Access Management

ID Holders Manufacturing
Variable Data Management
PVC Cards Manufacturing
IT Solutions
Sublimation Lanyards

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Parthu ID Solutions Pvt Ltd

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